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I'm Not Perfect (and Neither are You)

Hi friends! It's April and it's also been quite awhile since I have posted (3 whole months in fact!). I really haven't felt much like writing because I didn't have much to say. I swear since I started posting more IG stories, there hasn't been as much to say. Until now (dunh dunh dunh!) :)

Today's post is all about not being perfect, ahem, as the title suggests. I'm pretty passionate about the planet, as you likely know being a reader of the blog. With it being Earth Month, the topic is pretty timely. One of my passions is reducing waste. I actually did a fun presentation in February for Energize Boise, which was titled exactly that- Reducing Waste. It was the first time I have ever presented on the topic as well as the first time I have presented outside of my normal job, and I admit I was nervous. My parents were on the board who organized the event and encouraged me to submit an abstract. I did hesitate because I don't feel like an expert. I don't…