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The Story of Finding My Bio Brother & Bio Dad

I have debated on sharing this story because it's a very personal one. It also affects a lot of people in my life as well as my bio dad's and half-brother's lives as well. But with their blessing, I want to share because not only do I want to document such an important event in my life, I also think it could help others who may be going through a similar experience. So sit back and relax... an epic story is coming your way.

Once upon a time... The day I was born
At the age of 10 years old, home sick from school, my mom told me the story of how I was conceived. My dad had a low sperm count and the OBGYN told my parents it was not likely they would have a child. My parents, especially my mom, wanted children so badly. In 1984 Reproductive Medicine was a brand new specialty and in my little town, these were truly the pioneer days for alternative conception. Her physician suggested artificial insemination. My mom recalls writing down a description of what she wanted the donor to…

Five Things Friday

1. Fall- Ah yes, I am so basic that I am literally starting a post talking about Fall. But hey, it is upon us after all. Yes, I like cozy sweaters and flannel and fuzzy socks but as a gardener, fall is a bit more than that! While, pumpkin spice is a thing, it's not everything! The changing of the season means it is time for me to harvest the majority of the garden. Fall gardening is still very much in swing (for example, I have brussels sprouts, broccoli, turnips, beets, carrots, cabbage, kale, and chard that will still be happy for weeks to come) but in a few short weeks all of the summer loving plants will be done (think tomatoes, basil, squash, peppers). So this weekend I will be harvesting all that I can and preserving it for as long as possible. I'm planning to cut off all of the sweet pumpkin and butternut squash (I have at least 15 pumpkins and about 8 butternut) and have it decorate my home through Christmas (Winter squash lasts so long if you keep it inside uncut). Th…