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Kitty the Pretty Pitty

Saying goodbye sucks. Sure you can rationalize and say, "She lived a good life" and "Now she no longer feels pain" or "It was her time" or whatever generic sentiment people usually say but honestly, there isn't anything "good" to say. Because it sucks. It's hard. It hurts. And truly, time is the only thing that can comfort us.

Kitty came into my life a little over 8 years ago. I met her on Tyler's and my second date, July of 2010. I went over to Tyler's house, and from there went on a double date with his friends.  Kitty loved every single person she ever met. She was 100% man's best friend. From the beginning she was so sweet to me. That night Tyler and I ended up back at his place. She wasn't allowed to sleep on the bed so she slept on her dog bed. In the early morning she came over to my side of the bed, licked my hand, and then proceeded to climb in the bed. Being the softy that I am (and the fact that I have ALWAYS wa…