Day 9/30 Less Waste Challenge: Refuse Plastic Straws

Are you starting to notice how much unnecessary waste there is everywhere? We were at the grocery store today and there is so much packaging on everything! It's bananas! 

My aunt recently went to Florida and she did a beach clean up. She said that most of the trash were straws! She said they had bags just full of them! And for what? They are so unnecessary. Did you know Seattle is going Straw-Free? I love that! I find that anytime I order a beverage (or not, sometimes water shows up on my table with a straw already in there!) there is a straw or a stir stick or something I don't need with my beverage. 

I admit that I do like straws, mostly for thicker beverages like smoothies or milk shakes. So I got myself a set of metal straws! I love these bad boys. They are a great alternative and will last! They came with a brush to clean it out and it was in cardboard packaging. I did order them on Amazon and I'm not in love with all of the unnecessary packaging that is used. I encourage you to try to find some locally. Many health food stores carry them (the Co Op, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, and the like).

They make great gifts too! I got some for my mom for her stocking at Christmas time :)


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