Day 6/30 Less Waste Challenge: Cloth Napkins

Keeping with our food theme, another great item to have on hand is a cloth napkin! Thanksgiving before last my mother in law and I sewed these napkins together to use for dinner. They made dinner feel so much fancier and they are super cute! Since then I keep them in my napkin holder on my dining room table. Tyler and I use these instead of paper napkins and towels and I just throw them in the laundry with the other kitchen towels I wash weekly. I bring one with me to work too. I just throw it in my lunch bag. It's handy as well for taking my glass containers out of the microwave so I don't burn my hands. These are just so versatile! I keep one in my person too because it doubles as a handkerchief too (stay tuned for tomorrow's post!). This is a pretty simple switch since cloth napkins are not hard to find or make yourself. Even bandannas would work (and be cute!) as a napkin. Tyler does all the time since he keeps one in his pocket (something my grandpa did, which I love). 


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