Day 5/30 Less Waste Challenge: Reusable Utensils

On day 3 we challenged ourselves to stay away from plastic bags and on day 4 we challenged ourselves to bring our lunches in a reusable container. Now it's time to challenge ourselves to bringing our own utensils! Even before trying to reduce my waste, when I would be stuck without a utensil I would be so annoyed! Then the cheap plastic ones would inevitably break on me. I love having silverware in my lunch bag! I also have a set at work as well as a set in my purse. And utensils are plentiful at thrift shops and are so cheap! This is a super simple thing to do. I also keep a plate and a bowl at work so I am prepared for potlucks! I have a shelf at my desk that these items fit on nicely. I've gotten a lot of comments too from people and how they had never thought to bring their own but it makes so much more sense than using all the plastic options in the break room.


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