Day 4/30 Less Waste Challenge: Reusable lunch containers

So now that you got your groceries without using plastic bags, let's make lunches and put them in reusable containers! Bringing your own lunch is a great idea for not only monetary purposes but also for your health (you likely will eat less calories, more nutrient-dense calories, and it will be less processed) and the environment. When you go out to eat, especially if it is fast and in take out form, you are likely going to get lots of packaging. Whether it's a plastic cup holding your soda, a Styrofoam or plastic container holding your sandwich, your fries, your quesadilla, your sushi, or whatever else you got for lunch, it is likely going to go straight in the landfill when you are done.

Like with any change, it takes some planning ahead. We are surrounded by marketing that tells us to choose convenience. When you're hungry, the last thing you want is something super inconvenient. I get it. So if you can bring your own lunch to work, it's going to be convenient that day. The prep would have taken place the night before when you made dinner or maybe a few days before if you meal prep. My husband and I love having lunches ready to go. We spend a couple hours on Sunday meal prepping. We just bought a insta-pot and I'd say we are definitely in love!

Another thing to think about is the container. Glass is ideal if you need to reheat the item. There will be no chance of any form of plastic to leach into your food, which can happen with plastic containers, especially well used ones with scratches. There are lots of options for glass containers, including mason jars! Mason jars are my favorite for soups. The lid can be tightened and doesn't spill! There are stainless steel containers as well, which are good for fresh items. Many are stack-able and offer a nice way to bring multiple items.


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