Day 30/30 what's next?

Wow! We made it 30 days! I really hope you have learned a lot and have considered the information I have provided over the last month and are able to make changes that work for you. This is a process. It will take time. Tyler and I have been working on reducing our waste for years! And we are not perfect. I forget to say "no straw" or forget my coffee mug. I also still buy some items in plastic (I've been super into gardening lately so the dirt and seeds and fertilizer all comes in packaging that will go to the landfill (which seems counterproductive given I'm working with organic material). I think the best thing is to gain awareness.Once you know better, you'll do better.

So what's next? Look in your trash. What items do you see? Do you have a lot of the same items? Is there possibly a way to replace it with less packaging that will go to the landfill? Your trash will tell you what type of lifestyle you live. Do you have a lot of fast food containers? Do you have a lot of styrofoam from meat packaging? Do you have a lot of items that should have go to recycling? Or maybe into compost? There are some things you will likely not want to negotiate but I'm sure there are some things you could change and have it not cause too much heartburn. 

Thanks for taking this journey with me! Let's work together to keep our planet gorgeous for the next generation! 


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