Day 29/30 Less Waste Challenge: Reduce Your Emissions

Next month kicks off May in Motion, which encourages using public transportation or your own 2 feet! I live in a city where we don't have great public transportation and most people driving are solo drivers. I live 8 miles away from work and I typically go between buildings and carry items with me. It makes it challenging. However, I want to try to bike more often when I'm going somewhere that is 2-4 miles away. If it's 1 miles or so I'm going to try to walk. The last thing I am hoping to experiment with is riding the bus downtown and then using the city bike rental to get to work. Of course it will take more time but I think it might be nice to not have to drive and then maybe I can get in some extra reading time! 

The thing I also struggle with is travel. I love traveling and I know that it's not great on the planet. In general, if you can go for longer periods of time then the drive or flight makes it more worth it, for your time, money, and emissions. Any one have any tips for decreasing emissions? 


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