Day 28/30 Less Waste Challenge: Upcycle

If you can't repair something, you can upcycle it! I admit, Tyler is the king of that! It's tough because I tend to think if it's not being used, that get rid of it. I don't like keeping stuff that has no purpose. I'm not good about the "one day..." concept. But Tyler is and I am trying to keep better at it (without becoming a hoarder). Here are some things he has upcycled:
  • He took an old belt that was broken and made it into straps for a pirate shield for our cousin's daughter
  • He took an old bicycle and a large bowl and made a bird bath for the garden
  • He has taken old license plates and made clocks, Idaho signs, flowers, yard art, and other
  • My brother brings Tyler wood left over from cabinet and stair making jobs and will make cutting boards and other use-able items. 


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