Day 27/30 Less Waste Challenge: Repair

In today's world, goods are so easy to purchase that the second something breaks we tend to replace it. If you are frugal or short on money, you may have tried to figure out how to fix something and or create a work around. I have to admit, I tend to not have the "fix it" mind so when something stops working I think to buy new rather than call a repair person. But my dad and my husband are truly Mr. Fix Its, so if they are around I generally ask them first (probably why I don't fix things ;). Here are a lot of examples of this:
  • Shoes-you can get them repaired and it's very reasonable. The people that specialize in this are called cobblers and the work they do is quite amazing! If you purchase high quality item you can generally repair them for quite some time.
  • Learn to mend. I have this coat I love but the buttons keep falling off. Instead of buying a new coat, I keep sewing those bad boys back on. You can hem pants and sew holes, which will help your clothes and other items last longer.
  • Appliances! We have dishwasher that has had some mold issues so we called to get it looked at and repaired. The picture below is a grill that we received from a family member (love second hand!) and it got to where in order to turn on the knows, we had to use pliers. It made the grill last the rest of the summer so we could save up some money for a new one. We also had our dryer heating element go out. Tyler replaced it and it works great now (when we're not line drying). Also, our oven's handle broke off. Tyler made a new one out of wood and it is so cool! 


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