Day 24/30 Less Waste Challenge: Buy Less

Today's post is connected to yesterday's "Make Better Purchases." As a country, we are serious mass consumers. We have Black Friday and Cyber Monday and every single holiday has some sort of sale associated with it. We are suckers for deals. Often times the deals are for purchases we otherwise would not have made. And when we purchase something we don't use, eventually it makes it's way to the Goodwill or the landfill. I'm going to repeat what I said yesterday: we have so much power when it comes to the market based on our spending habits. Stores want to make money so they will carry things that sell. If we stop buying the cheap stuff that breaks, there will be less of it in the market. When you make a purchase, it typically took resources to create the item. By making a different selection, the market changes to favor your new choices. So when you are considering your purchase, ask yourself: do I need it? Is there something I have that can be used that does the same thing? Does it add value to my life or is it just a thing? Maybe sit on it for a few days. You may find that is was more of an impulse than a necessary purchase. 


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