Day 23/30 Less Waste Challenge: Make Better Purchases

This is sort of a big concept but it is super important. We live in a world where we have so many options. As consumers we have so much power. The all mighty dollar has a significant impact on the world we live in. There are so many things to consider when buying goods:

  • what is the quality of the item?
  • what is the cost?
  • is the purchase worth the cost?
  • how was this product made?
  • where was this product made?
  • was it made in a sustainable way?
  • what is the packaging look like for the item? 
  • Can I compost it? Recycle it? Or will it end up in the landfill?
I used to be a huge fan of stores the sell really inexpensive clothes and shoes (Payless, Target, Old Navy, Forever 21, etc). Their items are super cute and they are reasonably priced. Were they the best quality? Did the items last? Was the product made in the US? What were the working conditions? What is the fabric? It is plastic? I never used to consider any of these questions. I actually first started to question my purchases when the cheap shoes hurt my feet or the zipper of the cheap dress broke after wearing it once. Was it really worth my money then? Was is worth using those cheap products to make a fashion statement? For the low wages the workers likely earned to make the product? Probably not. 

Like I said, this is a broad topic. It ranges from the food we eat (isn't it interesting how many alternative milks there are now? And that McDonald's made a vegan burger?!) to the clothes we wear (fast fashion is a really terrible thing, check out this link for more info). We live in a world where we think up something we want and we order it with the press of a button. This is such a cool thing but it's also led us to be thoughtless consumers, creating a mentality of buying more "stuff" that is fairly pointless. Next time you go to make a purchase, ask yourself, did I make the best choice with the options available to me? If they answer is no, maybe consider holding off on that purchase until you can make the better choice. 


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