Day 2/30 Less Waste Challenge: Reusable Coffee Mug

Today's post is similar to yesterday's. Think about your consumables. Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Do you frequent any where you get a to-go cup, such as coffee shops? This is a common item found in the garbage and then eventually the landfill. If you are a daily consumer, which many people are in this country, your habit is costing you 7 to-cups in the garbage a week. Then I think about the hotels I've stayed at recently and they a k-cups AND Styrofoam cups and it makes me die inside a little bit. I love the places that have mugs! For example, I went to this tea shop and they have an amazing set up with tables and couches and I thought this is the kind of place that has nice mugs! Unfortunately when I asked the answer was no. Ugh. I realize this means you have to have a travel mug (or real one) on you so this does require some planning. There have been times I am at work and there's free coffee and I am tempted to pour myself a cup. But then I think about using those plastic cups and get frustrated for not having my reusable one with me. I realize I'm not perfect but I want to be better. So, I try to have it on me when I travel or when I'm out and about. I also have a mug at work so in case I forget my travel mug then I'm all set at work. I'll talk in future posts about all the items I try to have on me to be prepared.

So not only does using a reusable coffee mug help the planet but it also helps your wallet. Most places offer a bit of a discount for bringing in your reusable mug. Anything helps right?

Here is one that I use. It keeps items super hot! I sometimes use a sleeve for a mason jar and I have a silicone lid. This is nice because I can then use the mason jar for water later or for left over food. Mason jars are very versatile. More on these bad boys in a future post!


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