Day 21/30 Less Waste Challenge: Try Reusable Menstrual Products

Ladies of child bearing age (or for any one who knows one!) this post is for you! The average women has her period for for over 30 years. That's generally once every 28-30 days, lasting 4-6 days, involving 4-6 tampons or pads. Add that up and you've got about 13,000 feminine hygiene products disposed into the landfill per woman! We're currently at about 4 billion women on this planet so I'd say this is definitely an area where we can reduce our waste! There are a few options:

1. A menstrual cup. There are several different versions on the market, made from silicon. These items really should last for many, many years. They can be used up to 12 hours (depending on flow) and can be cleaned with soap and water and sanitized by a short, low boil. I bought the Diva cup a couple years ago and I love it! Easy to insert and remove, I've never had any spillage, easy to clean. Overall-I've been satisfied! 

2. Reusable pads. I found these below on Amazon but Etsy has a ton of different kinds and I imagine they would be easy to sew as well. I love these. You can wear them, wash them in the sink and wring out, then wash in the laundry. 

Anyone tried either of these methods? 


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