Day 16/30 Less Waste Challenge: Ditch Ziplocs, Saran/Cling Wrap

Where would you guess in the most wasteful place in your house? The kitchen! We've been focusing a lot on preventing waste from coming in, by buying our groceries at the farmer's market or in the bulk bin and using our reusable bags. Now what happens once it is in your house? Here's a scenario:

You're making a salad and decide only to use half a bell pepper, half a tomato, and half an avocado. What do you put the produce in so it doesn't go bad? If you said, a Ziploc bag, then this tip is for you! Replace your Ziplocs or plastic bags for small glass containers. Over time Tyler and I have been gradually buying glass containers to replace our plastic ones. They are more expensive so we've taken our time to lessen the financial cost up front. The ones that come with multiple sizes are great because the small ones are perfect for leftover produce! Glass is 100% recyclable and is sturdier than you think! I've never broken one of my containers. I did break one glass water bottle (because I dropped it and it rolled down 3 flights of concrete stairs) and a large Pyrex bowl (my hands were slippery and I had a spasm in my hands from my arthritis). That's it in the last 4 years. It's hardy, I promise! 

What about containers without lids? Like some wooden or other glass bowls? Or casserole dishes? There are a few options. If it's just going in the fridge, you can put a cloth towel over the bowl or casserole dish. It will keep things with getting wilted or tough from the cold. If you are transporting, either aluminum foil (which is 100% recyclable if it doesn't have food on it) or beeswax wraps. I personally have not tried the latter but I hear good things! 


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