Day 14/30 Less Waste Challenge: Grow Your Own Food

This is one that Tyler and I have done for about 7 years now and I love it! It brings he and I such joy and pride. I admit that when Tyler first suggested we start gardening, I was nervous and a bit overwhelmed. I knew nothing, guys. Absolutely nothing. Over time I have learned so many things and I know every year I will learn something new! Gardening has become a really incredible hobby for me. It's therapeutic for me to get out there and plant, pull weeds, and harvest. It makes me so happy to pull up to my house. It's something my husband and I do together as a team. It creates a lot of food for us throughout the growing season, plus what we can and freeze. I love to share our homegrown food with others, either by having them over or bringing a bit of our garden to their house. Our canned goods make excellent gifts too!

The first 2 years I lived in my house I had the traditional yard. I took good care of it, mowed my lawn, watered it, had nice bushes, trees, and flowers. I did know how to take care of all of those, just knew nothing about growing food! Turns out, it's not too terribly different. But I happen to use city water and during the hottest months, my water bill was $400! It was just outrageous! All for green grass! Since we converted the front yard to garden boxes, and I time the sprinklers just right, I got our bill down to less than $200. Yep, I'm saving money (and resources) while gaining food! I wouldn't say we spend less on food overall. Some months, yes, but not really much. I really want to change that this year. I want to be more strategic with our planning so I can really use all of the food we grow. Tyler and I have spent a lot of time experimenting. We've found we don't really eat a ton of bell peppers or eggplant. We also have figured out our favorite hot peppers. We also discovered we love okra! We also only plant enough tomatoes that we can handle. We haven't had a ton of luck with corn so we are going to forego it this year.

By growing your own food, you decrease on packaging (essentially none!), you don't have any emissions by going to get the food or the food coming to you (plus going out in your yard to cut something fresh, like greens or herbs or a tomato is one of the best things ever!), and this all has a big impact on your quality of life, and lessens the demand on the Earth's resources.


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