Day 1/30 of Less Waste Challenge: Reusable Water Bottle

According to

  • According to the Container Recycling Institute, 100.7 billion plastic beverage bottles were sold in the U.S. in 2014, or 315 bottles per person.
  • 57% of those units were plastic water bottles: 57.3 billion sold in 2014. This is up from 3.8 billion plastic water bottles sold in 1996, the earliest year for available data.
  • The process of producing bottled water requires around 6 times as much water per bottle as there is in the container.
  • 14% of all litter comes from beverage containers. When caps and labels are considered, the number is higher

I remember growing up in my teenage years having plastic water bottles ready to go in the fridge. And many of those bottles made their way into the landfill. Fortunately my mom had us save them to reuse them so it could have been worse. Plastic water bottles seem to be everywhere! I see them in people's grocery carts, they're provided at races, they are provided if you are a Hilton Honors member (why? this just happened to me recently and I politely declined), and many more places. 

So are plastic water bottles better than tap water?

There are all sorts of claims that the water sold in plastic water bottles is "pure" and "healthier" but in fact, this is not really the case. According to  a 4-year study showed that bottled water is not better than tap. "In fact, 25 percent or more of bottled water is really just tap water in a  bottle-sometimes further treated, sometimes not." Also the bottled water is state-regulated and apparently 1 in 5 states don't even bother! 

So why are you still holding on to your plastic water bottle? Is it because reusable ones are expensive? Sure, a glass water bottle or steel water bottle may cost upwards of $20-40, depending on size and material. But think about all of the plastic water bottles you have consumed over time. Especially if you are a fan of the fancier plastic water bottles, like Fiji or Smart Water at $3-4 each. Have one of those daily and after 10 days, you could have bought a reusable one! And there are so many places nowadays where you can fill your water bottle-drinking fountains, tap water from the bathroom (water is water, friends), and even if you are at a fast food restaurant or coffee shop. They will fill your water bottle for you. And in the United States places that sell food and water have to offer free water. So don't forget to ask! And if you have your reusable water bottle on you then you're all set! 

Kick off the 30 day challenge strong and get yourself a reusable water bottle! 


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