Day 12/30 Less Waste Challenge: Shop at Your Local Farmer's Market

The Boise Farmer's Market just opened and I'm on a mission to try to shop as local as possible. Here are a few reasons:

  • The food is going to be local and seasonal, which means the food I am eating isn't going to be coming from across the country, which reduces emissions
  • It is more likely to be organic or pesticide-free, which is important to me
  • It's likely to have less packaging than at the grocery store
I went this past weekend and there was such great produce. It is only April so I can't wait until there are even more options. We got almost everything package free, taking the twist ties off the radishes and the plastic bags off the carrots to return to the farmers so they can reuse. We ended up with 2 plastic bags- one for nettles (I asked if she could reuse and she said she had to throw them away... I wasn't impressed with this answer) and one for bread. We may need to get fresh bread at a bakery instead since all of their bread came packaged. 

It was really rainy but there was still such a great spirit! I love being a part of the community and seeing friendly faces. I have such respect and admiration for these people. I know how much work gardening is, let alone farming! 

I can't wait to make this a Saturday tradition through the Fall!


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