Day 11/30 Less Waste Challenge: Bulk Bins!

Now that you have your bulk bin bags (say that 5 times fast!), it's time to go shopping in the bulk bins! In my last post I mentioned the items that we frequently purchase. I'm looking to expand on some of the items I purchase in bulk. For example, Winco has Olive Oil and other oils available in bulk that you can pour but they do not let you bring in your own jars. This is frustrating to me because why would I want to keep purchasing a container? So I checked out the selection of liquids in bulk at the local Co Op and asked about bringing my own jar. They were super friendly and told me to bring my jar in, get it weighed, then fill it up, they would weigh it, subtracting the weight of the jar, and boom-Done! There are so many things in bulk bins! There is candy and chocolate, cereal, snack and trail mixes, dog/cat/bird food and treats, nut butters, agave, and more! Definitely check it out!


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