Spring Gardening

Warmer weather means playing in the garden! The last couple of weekends Tyler and I have been cleaning up all of our flower and vegetable beds, getting them ready for new plants as well as maintaining the perennials. We didn't really "winterize" last Fall as much as we normally do. Our tree dumped leaves, which was the first time in the 8 years I have lived here, so we left them in the beds and on the rock because it wouldn't hurt anything. I had read that you don't need to winterize but instead can let the yard die naturally, creating potential homes for various animals, and making it easier to trim and clean up in the Spring. For the most part I would say it worked really well. The only drawback was we had a couple warm weeks in February and I didn't get out there soon enough. Some of our plants (rose bushes, raspberries, and our elderberry bush) had new growth on them. We decided not to cut those back very far for fear of stunting their growth. So we will likely do some good pruning in the Fall on those bushes. 

The garden beds all cleaned up and our daffodils in bloom. 

This bed in the immediate foreground has a variety of seeds planted. This year I have Rainbow Chard, Slobolt Salad, Heirloom greens, Dwarf Blue Kale, and Cilantro. Behind it we have a box full of elephant garlic. 

We also planted some root vegetables that should enjoy the cool temperatures of Spring. We planted 2 variety of carrots (cosmic purple and rainbow), Radishes, and Beets. 

Then we also planted Big Daddy Snap peas. I hope they do better this year than last! They were pretty pathetic last year.

Tyler added some additional wood to one of our beds in order to raise it a bit higher. This should make planting easier. We're gradually going to raise the other beds higher as well. We turned all of the boxes with the help of my sister-in-law, Genevieve, and we were too tired to keep going! 

I'm getting so excited to be able to plant more. I went to a class yesterday at a local nursery and learned how to grow potatoes. It's got me all jazzed up for making this our best garden yet! 


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