Like Father Like (Dog)Son

A little over a month ago Tyler had surgery on his right knee. It'd been bothering him for over a year but he didn't know what he had done and his provider wasn't the most helpful. He has been on an anti-inflammatory for most of the time, which helped, but didn't solve the problem. It finally got so bad that he insisted on a MRI after the X-RAY didn't show anything. It turned out that he had torn his meniscus and had a really large cyst. They scheduled the surgery for right away, which worked well for Tyler's job and for what we had going on at home. The surgery itself went really well! It was only about an hour long and then I got him home and in the house using crutches. The first 24 hours were the hardest. He had a really tough time moving around, his pain wasn't managed as well as it needed to be, and then he started to get really bad pain in his Achilles, which made me worry about a blood clot. We stayed up most of the night, between the pain, giving round the clock pain medications, replenishing his ice pack, and so forth. We had an appointment the next day for a follow up and for him to get fitted for a brace. They did an ultrasound of his leg and luckily there was no DVT! Since then the recovery has been pretty smooth! He was only using crutches or a cane for about a week. He is still sore and has to be sure he doesn't do too much but he is healing quickly and feeling a lot better!

Two tiny holes. It was all done via arthroscopy so the healing has been incredible. His surgeon was stellar! His skills are great and he called us each day for 3 days after. 

Then about a week after Tyler had surgery Winston was running in the backyard and then came in not putting pressure on his right hind leg. I hoped it was a torn muscle, gave him pain meds from his sister (she has arthritis), and monitored him. It seemed to be getting better. Then he played really hard with his girlfriend, Mabel, and started limping again. I made an appointment to get him into the vet. Then, 2 days later, he was limping some more but this time it was his left leg! We took him in and it turns out he tore both his ACLs in his hind-legs! UGH! My poor baby! He also needs surgery. We have to see a specialist this week to get his assessment and then hopefully will get the surgery all scheduled. In the meantime we are giving him pain meds around the clock and lots of TLC. 

I am hopeful that the surgery will go well, he'll heal in a few months, and we'll get him out on the trails before too long! 


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