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30 days to Less Waste

Next month holds Earth Day so why not spend the next 30 days trying to reduce our waste? Here are some of the reasons to give it a try:
1. Garbage doesn't really "go away." It is taken to a landfill where it rots. Much of our landfills contain items that shouldn't be there, like compost or recyclable items, and those the "belong" there might have had an alternative that was waste free. Or maybe could have done without.
2. Every year we as a species have been using more of the Earth's resources that is sustainable. Some of our habits of convenience are literally destroying our resources. Did you know plastic is made from oil? There are alternatives but we've gotten used to plastic being a part of our every day.
3. We're destroying our oceans, which is killing the animal and plant species who live there. Many people eat items in our oceans, fish that likely have consumed plastic, that we then injest too. Yum, right? There are lots of other reaso…

Like Father Like (Dog)Son

A little over a month ago Tyler had surgery on his right knee. It'd been bothering him for over a year but he didn't know what he had done and his provider wasn't the most helpful. He has been on an anti-inflammatory for most of the time, which helped, but didn't solve the problem. It finally got so bad that he insisted on a MRI after the X-RAY didn't show anything. It turned out that he had torn his meniscus and had a really large cyst. They scheduled the surgery for right away, which worked well for Tyler's job and for what we had going on at home. The surgery itself went really well! It was only about an hour long and then I got him home and in the house using crutches. The first 24 hours were the hardest. He had a really tough time moving around, his pain wasn't managed as well as it needed to be, and then he started to get really bad pain in his Achilles, which made me worry about a blood clot. We stayed up most of the night, between the pain, giving r…

Spring Gardening

Warmer weather means playing in the garden! The last couple of weekends Tyler and I have been cleaning up all of our flower and vegetable beds, getting them ready for new plants as well as maintaining the perennials. We didn't really "winterize" last Fall as much as we normally do. Our tree dumped leaves, which was the first time in the 8 years I have lived here, so we left them in the beds and on the rock because it wouldn't hurt anything. I had read that you don't need to winterize but instead can let the yard die naturally, creating potential homes for various animals, and making it easier to trim and clean up in the Spring. For the most part I would say it worked really well. The only drawback was we had a couple warm weeks in February and I didn't get out there soon enough. Some of our plants (rose bushes, raspberries, and our elderberry bush) had new growth on them. We decided not to cut those back very far for fear of stunting their growth. So we will …