Did You Miss Me?

Hi there! Remember me? It's been a looooooooong time! I could tell you it's just because I've been busy (which I have done a lot!) but the reality is I just didn't feel like blogging. I've been in a funk for awhile, not feeling very motivated to talk about much. I might get more into the details in a future post but in the mean time I thought I would share some pictures of some happenings during my absence. 

The garden last summer. It's already time to start thinking about this year's garden! We are going to clean up the garden beds this weekend to get them ready to go for the Spring. 

Bee Balm! It is such a gorgeous plant. I love all of the perennials I've been planting over the years because they get bigger ever year and bring so many helpful bees. 

We spent a week in Montana over the 4th of July and then again in August for a long weekend. It's always so nice to see family and relax at the cabin. 

Then I spent about a week in New Orleans last July to attend and present at a Nurse Educator conference. It's the Association for Nursing Professional Development and it was a really great conference. I learned a lot and got to present with a colleague on my birthday! Then my parents and Tyler joined me to celebrate my birthday in NOLA. It was such a fun trip and New Orleans is a really cool city. 

The eclipse was experienced! It was pretty rad!

We celebrated 2 Oktoberfests in style! 

I took a trip to DC and Baltimore with my girlfriend to first have a girls weekend in the Nation's Capitol. Then while she was at a work conference I spent some time with my family in Baltimore. It was such a nice time to go and we made a lot of memories!

Carey and me enjoying a nice day walking around the National Mall

With my adorable cousins at Gettysburg!

Thanksgiving brought family to town. We enjoyed time at Black Friday, which is an annual tradition for us now. It's a great opportunity to sample lots of tasty dark beers. 

In December I went with some family to Salt Lake City and saw Lady Gaga! She put on an amazing show. While we were there we also got to celebrate my cousin's pregnancy with a little baby shower. It was nice to visit and celebrate little AJ's pending arrival. 

And then I've had a lot of opportunities to spend time with friends! We had a mini high school reunion over the holidays!

We celebrated Carey Fay's birthday with a marathon of Fifty Shades finishing with the last movie. Carey and I had Mrs. Grey cocktails for the occasion. 

And yesterday we celebrated the 3rd annual Beer Prom! So much fun was had!!!

In a nutshell that's what I've been up to since May :) Tyler is going to have knee surgery on Tuesday so I imagine things will slow down here a little (but not much, I mean the guy does not rest if he can help it!). Hopefully I'll get back into a rhythm with regular updates. Happy Sunday, friends! 


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