30 Day Financial Cleanse Day 26: Tell Your Friends and Family

As a reminder this post series is all about getting a handle on your finances!  I heard about Personal Capital, a personal finance software company, and their 30 Day Cleanse and decided to take the pledge and encourage my readers to do the same!

Stay on track by telling others about your goals.

This is a biggie. If you do not tell your loved ones that you are trying to change your spending habits, they will expect you to behave the same way. This is hard. I get it. If you are used to going out to eat with your coworker every week, you may have to find a new way to catch up, like bringing your food instead and chatting in the break room. Or maybe instead of going to a brand new movie, check out the dollar theater or Redbox. In general, people just want to spend time together. Bring back game night. Make dinner with your friends instead of going out. Now that the weather is getting nicer, go for a walk instead of grabbing a drink. Or get the bottle of wine at TJ's for $5 instead of the $7 glass at the wine bar. 

Stay tuned for Day 27: Set Weekly Calendar Reminders! 


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