30 Day Financial Cleanse Day 20: Find Your Advisor

As a reminder this post series is all about getting a handle on your finances!  I heard about Personal Capital, a personal finance software company, and their 30 Day Cleanse and decided to take the pledge and encourage my readers to do the same!

If you have at least $100K in invest-able assets, seek a financial advisor to help you devise a plan to maximize retirement savings, optimize tax deductions and more. 

At my work there is a financial advisor we can meet with whenever we want. I have taken advantage of this as I find it helpful to make sure I am on the right track. I also have called Fidelity (which is where my rollover 401K from the bank I used to work at and my current 403b) and chatted with some really friendly people when I have had questions. I think I am quite nervous that I am not doing all that I should so I reach out to these advisors at least annually. Then we also have an accountant because we have invested in a local brewery and we want to make sure we fill out all of the right paperwork and get all of the proper tax deductions. I highly recommend finding someone you trust, who does not push you to spend more money or do anything you are uncomfortable with.

Stay tuned for Day 21: Explore Investment Strategies 


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