30 Day Financial Cleanse Day 18: Savings Outside of 401k

As a reminder this post series is all about getting a handle on your finances!  I heard about Personal Capital, a personal finance software company, and their 30 Day Cleanse and decided to take the pledge and encourage my readers to do the same!

If 20% of you take home pay is more than $18,000 annually, you should look to save in a brokerage account.

This is an area that I would like to look into more. As Tyler and I get our debt paid down more and more, I want to then build up our savings and investments. We have dreams of having a rental property as well, which will be an excellent investment. We are not quite there yet, as we still have a fair amount of debt to pay down before we will be growing our savings.

Any one have a brokerage account? Any advice?

Stay tuned for Day 19: Check In


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