30 Day Financial Cleanse Day 13: Set Up an Emergency Fund

As a reminder this post series is all about getting a handle on your finances!  I heard about Personal Capital, a personal finance software company, and their 30 Day Cleanse and decided to take the pledge and encourage my readers to do the same!

Multiply your monthly spending by 3 and by 6 (if you spend $2,000/month your range is $6,000-12,000). Put this much money into savings separate from your everyday checking. 

Life is full of unexpected events. Being prepared financially for an emergency is not only super helpful but a huge stress relief. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks. I have been there. Having a savings account that you do not touch is a must have to feel financial freedom. Again, focus on paying down debt FIRST and then start building your emergency savings plan. 

Stay tuned for Day 14: Discover Your Net Worth! 


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