Blog Update & Challenge #4 & #5

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice start to your week. I know I did as the sun was shining and I got to take the pup to the dog park and watch him run around. I love his smiling face!

This is an older picture of him with his pal, Baron (Winston is on the left). Look at that face! 

I have some exciting news to share on the blog! As of yesterday, the blog is officially its own domain! is now where you can find me so I hope it is easy for any and all to access the blog. I am also on Youtube under "Simple Whole Happy" so subscribe and stay tuned for some videos! I started making a list of all I want to share with you and I am looking forward to putting those out there. I am happy to take requests and answer questions related to any of the topics you have seen on the blog, so please let me know! 

As you may remember, in 2017 I am going to do 17 challenges. I have already done 3 of them. The first was tracking in myfitnesspal daily- I did it for 21 days. I still find it helpful but it is not something I do daily now, just periodically to keep myself in check. The second was a yoga challenge. I made it 17 days before I ended up stopping. To be honest, I was just not feeling it. I haven't been back on the mat since but I am formulating a plan. Details later in the post. And the third challenge was to abstain from Salt, Oil, and Sugar for 2 weeks. I met that challenge and let me tell you it was not easy! But it is amazing how much less you eat when those addictive flavor enhancers are left off. It was a really great challenge to learn more about tasting the actual food instead of the additives. 

So on to challenge #4, which is abstaining from alcohol. I started the day after Superbowl, so we are a week into the challenge. I am not sure how long I plan to go but indefinitely at this point. The last time I drank it put me into one of my worst flares in a long time so I am just going to say no for now. 

Challenge #5 is keeping to a workout regime for 3 weeks. This weather is making me want to get back in shape so I am putting together a plan. Here is what I have lined up for this week:

Monday: Body Pump class- check
Tuesday: Running on treadmill. Intervals of run/walk (1min/5min) to get me back to running 30 minutes straight
Wednesday: Body Pump
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 90 min yoga
Saturday: spin class
Sunday: Run/walk on greenbelt

I hope you all have a great week! 


  1. It's cool how real this all is. I love that you post truth and how honestly hard it is for some of these things. I was grateful myself to find out I was not celiac but up to then it was hard to stay away from certain things. Keep it up and I love that you keep it real.

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comment! I am glad you are not celiac; the struggle is real! Thanks for reading!


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