Viva Las Vegas!

This is my 3rd and final post for today. I am not going to post too much here because I blew up Facebook and Instagram over the weekend. Check out more pictures and video there! My handle is @simplewholehappy

I have wanted to see Britney since "...Hit Me Baby One More Time" and this weekend I finally go to! My mom and dad bought me a trip to Vegas; the place, hotel, and concert tickets all for a Christmas present. How great are they?!? My aunt did the same for my cousin, Kayla, so we got to experience it together. My parents joined us aside from seeing Britney (they went to Blue Man Group) and then my friend and her brother did as well, they just had much better seats! 

We managed to do quite a bit of walking (17,000 steps according to my mom's fitbit) around checking out the new (and old) casinos. We played some slots (I won $11) and drank a little and puffed on a cigar. Real classy folks we are :)

Then we headed to Spice in Planet Hollywood Casino for their buffet. It was advertised as vegan friendly and wouldn't you know it is where is went the weekend I turned 21! Lots of great memories! They had a Groupon for unlimited drinks so we started the evening off feeling happy. 

The concert itself was phenomenal. Britney has so much energy and it was such an entertaining show. We know she lip-synced the entire time but who can blame her when she is dancing the whole time? It was definitely a bucket list item and I am so glad I got to go!

The next day we had a little breakfast and did some more casino exploring. I think for the short amount of time we were there we got in all that we wanted to do. Did I mention it was in the 50s and sunny on Saturday? It was just what this Idahoan needed!

Thanks again mom and dad for the great present! Thank you Kayla (and Pam) for enjoying it with me! Thanks Lauren and Ben for meeting us there! 


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