SOS Free Challenge

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I am fortunate enough to get today off so I am busy getting some chores done, meal prepping, and writing on the blog today! This is the 1st of 3 posts so get ready for some reading!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am starting a SOS Challenge. I was asked what "SOS" stood for and evidently it also stands for "Shit on a shingle" referencing chip beef in gravy on toast, which is definitely NOT what I a talking about :) Although, I am not eating that either! 

Here I mean "Salt, Oil, and Sugar." As you all know, I eat a plant based (rationale: originally to lower my cholesterol, which worked tremendously, and then to help with inflammation from my autoimmune diseases. PLUS now I like that animals are not harmed and I reduce my carbon footprint), gluten free (to reduce inflammation, which I noted while doing an elimination diet) diet (I use this word to reference my daily food consumption, not as a means to lose weight). I also ideally avoid corn (per the elimination diet and as a recommendation from my acupuncturist and my functional medicine provider) and alcohol (per the elimination diet plus just about every single recommendation I have heard from care providers I have seen in person plus books I have read on health and reducing disease) and I limit my intake of caffeine and soy (per recommendations from my acupuncturist and my functional medicine provide plus the elimination diet). 

Most recently I did a blood test for food sensitivities (called an E-95 Basic Food Panel) and almonds and kidney beans (the family, meaning black beans and pinto beans fall under this too) came back in the high category. The provider recommends I avoid those as well for at least a year to allow my gut to heal from inflammation. Garlic and green beans came back in the moderate category so she said to limit those to weekly. I thought it might be helpful to list the foods and the rationale because I get questions about it all of the time. 

So why am I limiting more foods for myself? And maybe a better question, what do I actually eat? Well, you would be surprised at what I can eat and how much I do eat. Plus, when those foods include SOS, it is incredibly addicting and easy to eat waaaaay too much of those foods. Plus, I am not always perfect with avoiding all of those foods listed above. The hardest ones? Corn, soy, and caffeine for sure. Oh and I just got back from Vegas so throw in gluten free foods and alcohol. So I feel a challenge will really get me back on track and reduce the over-eating that has been occurring a lot lately. 

This challenge starts today and goes until the end of the month, effectively the 31st being the last day. So far this morning I have had a cup of lemon water, glass of water, 20 ounces of green smoothie (kale, peas, mango, banana, wild blueberries, and spirulina powder), and about 2 cups of roasted sweet potato, gold potatoes, green bell pepper, carrot, and onion with paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, and black pepper, all topped with avocado. It was delicious! I think I am going to try to take some pictures of the food I eat to get people an idea of what I do eat as well as keeping myself accountable. I had this idea after I ate breakfast so stay tuned.

I hope that helps to explain my current food preferences and sensitivities. Some of it is self-induced while most of it is really to help me feel my best. Sure I could say, f*ck it, and just eat whatever and maybe take some pills to counter how it all makes me feel (and then take more pills for the side effects of those pills) but as you know by now, that is just not my jam. So for now I will work with my acupuncturist and my functional medicine provider to help me feel the best I can :)


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