Greetings from the Great Snowpocalypse of 2017! We have been hit with crazy amounts of snow here in Southwest Idaho over the last couple of weeks. Not only snow but freezing rain, sleet, warmer temperatures causing flooding, and then, of course, MORE snow! We have had 5 snow days in a row and the mayor called a "state of emergency" due to the roads being so dangerous and the risk for flooding. There are also many businesses and homes with ice dams and frozen gutters that have been falling off, flooding inside businesses and schools, and the Payette river has risen over a foot and there have been evacuations. Absolutely bonkers, rights?!? 

I think the biggest thing for us, besides all of the shoveling and de-icing, is the fact that our animals are going stir-crazy! All of the cats have been inside 99% of the day for the past month and you can tell they are just itching to be outside again without all of this moisture! The go out for about 10 minutes and then come right back inside. The dogs are pretty sick of it all as well. They go outside and play but are quick to get cold and then want to come back inside. The chickens are all huddled together in their coop... No one is comfortable! 

 Gnarly Icicles

 The Bronco all tucked in for the winter

 I swear we have 21 garden boxes somewhere under that snow

The horseshoe pit is hidden and there are definitely no birds in those bird houses

Fortunately I get to escape this Friday for about 36 hours to... Las Vegas! My parents bought me a plane ticket plus... drum roll.... a ticket to see Britney Spears! I have been a fan since "Baby...One More Time" and I have always wanted to see her in concert. I really like music that makes me want to dance and peps me up, which is pretty much all Britney sings. Plus I know this concert will be BIG and super entertaining! I get to go with my cousin and then a friend of mine from work is also going with her brother so we all plan to meet up. I am looking forward to hanging in the dry desert with temperatures 20 degrees above freezing... I am not asking for much here :) 

Challenge Update

We are 10 days into January and so far things are going great! I have tracked my food using My Fitness Pal everyday and also am up to date on YWA's 31 Day Yoga Revolution. I did not feel well yesterday so I did a really chill practice. Today I had a ton of energy so I did yesterday's practice PLUS today's so I am back on track. It is a nice way to start the new year because it isn't too overwhelming. It is a really a chance for me to reconnect with my body. Towards the end of 2016 I really was not getting in touch with myself. For me, when I eat foods that don't serve me (I am looking at you tortilla chips) or don't spend time moving my body or watch too much TV or drink alcohol, I feel like I am covering up my body, or ignoring it. It is easier to avoid the scale, throw on the sweat shirt and the yoga pants, and just keep eating the tortilla chips, am I right? But when I track what I am eating (even if it over the points or calories for that day) and I do yoga (where I can feel my body move and see the roll of chub over my yoga pants) I can't "hide" from my body anymore. Instead it is the exact opposite-I have to confront the choices I make and the body I live in and still love it anyway. It's the only one I got and it does some pretty amazing stuff. It's my mind that sometimes sets it up for less than great results when I indulge every thought... from the extra glass of champagne on New Year's to the batch of cookies I ate during Christmas. 

After this weekend, I am going to take it up a notch with my next Challenge... Eating SOS free for 2 weeks! Stay tuned! 


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