17 Challenges for 2017!

Happy New Year to all you fine people out there! I hope you all had a lovely New Year's! I spent the evening with some really great people and ended my night drinking way too much champagne as we waited for "Buddies" to come pick us up. Needless to say, yesterday was a little rough. BUT what I did love is that after I fed my detoxing body Tyler cooked me some pan-fried potatoes (read: lots of salt and oil) my body craved nothing but fruit and veggies, begging me to give it the good stuff. So I made some lentil soup and some persimmon cookies and have breakfast and lunch set for the week. By the way, persimmon cookies are amazing! I asked Tyler to get me persimmons and pomegranates for Christmas as I think fruit and lotto tickets are some amazing stocking stuffers and of course he delivered! He ended up getting me fuyu persimmons, which are the ones that get really ripe and are meant for baking. They were so juicy in fact I just squeezed them and the pulp came right out into the food processor. I used this recipe. Trust me when I say these take oatmeal cookies to a whole new level! Tyler even approved, which is impressive because the cookies are gluten free and vegan so I must have found a winner. I have made 2 cookies recipes in the last month and I used a homemade gluten free mix (see here) and coconut oil. I normally avoid oil but I am finding that baking gluten free (and egg free and dairy free) is hard without it. They lack fluffiness and I am all about the fluffy!!! 

Enough about cookies. Today I wanted to chat about some goals I want to set for 2017. I really do not have any resolutions this year. I was thinking about whether I wanted to make any for the new year and realized that a whole year is a LONG time to resolve to do or not do something. So instead, I thought I might try something new and do a different challenge every month. Then I thought, maybe let's shoot for 17, because why not? I figured this could allow some months to have 2 challenges, or maybe to do a challenge for 2 weeks at a time versus the whole month... basically I am giving myself some options. Here are some of the challenges I have thought of:

1. Track my calories using MyFitnessPal
2. Yoga challenge
3. Running challenge
4. No spending $$$ challenge
5. No alcohol challenge
6. No salt, oil or sugar (SOS) challenge
7. Some sort of gym-related challenge (go to the gym "x" days in a period of time, do "x" spinning or body pump classes in a period of time)
8. Work out every morning
9. Walk/run dogs every.single.day
10. Write a blog post for "x" number of days
11. Meditate daily for "x" number of days
12. Journal/Express gratitude daily 
13. Make no trash challenge
14. Pass It Forward challenge (do something nice for someone else unexpectedly)

And that is all I got so far for ideas. I am thinking that I may come up with others over the next year, especially something that may be specific to that moment in my life. Or I figure I could repeat some of these, especially if I really like them and want to keep them going. 

For my first challenge I am doing Yoga with Adriene's 31 Day Revolution Yoga Challenge. I started yesterday and it was just what I needed, hangover and all (and peppermint tea... that helped with my nausea a TON!). I also plan to track my food using MyFitnessPal for the month of January

. Anyone else set any resolutions/goals/challenges? I would to know! 
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