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2016 Reflections

2016 has been a roller coaster of a year. It started off strong and then things got wonky. Overall though, there is so much to be grateful for! So here goes!

JanuaryI started off the year with a bang with a cute new haircut and a drive to train for my second triathlon. This month I was really consistent with my training and my weight loss regimen and I felt really excellent. You can read more about it here.

FebruaryThis month I toyed around with new posts on the blog including "Un-Recipes" and doing "Weekly Updates." I also did my first VLOG on youtube. We also celebrated a doggy birthday party for Kitty. Our Kitty girl has been showing more of her age lately. Overall she is doing okay. Our vet friend, Will, thinks she may have Cushings, which overall mostly means she drinks a lot and pees a lot. Overall she is okay but we are keeping a close eye on her. We got her now on pain meds and that seems to help tremendously with her getting around easier. We love our Kitty …

How We Manage Our Finances

This post is going to go into more detail about how we manage our finances. A few months ago I posted about frugality where I discussed in broad terms how Tyler and I aim to pay down debt and save money; you can check that out here. In this post I am going to break it down more specifically and explain how I manage our google docs spreadsheet.

Assess Your Debt
The first thing that I did was assess all of my debt. Even if that is all you do, this is a key step. Sit down and just do it. I analyzed all of my accounts (credit cards, lines of credits, loans) and put down what I owe overall, the due date, the interest rate, and the monthly due date. This allowed me to really get my head around whether these accounts were the best available to me and if I had some options. What I mean by that is, what are my interest rates and what are my total amounts owed and what strategy do I need to figure out to get a handle on it all. 

How to Pay Off Debt
There are two predominant lines of thinking when p…

5 Things

Greetings! It has been a hot minute since I last posted so I thought I would jump in with a short one! Here are 5 things I have been up to lately:

1. No Poo. Yup, I have been experimenting with ending my relationship with conventional shampoo and conditioner. See, since I was a teenager I have been dependent upon daily shampoo, specifically tea tree shampoo, to prevent psoriasis breakouts. When I first became to rely on tea tree shampoo I did not know I had psoriasis but I had some sort of sores popping up on my scalp so my hairdresser at the time recommended it and it stuck. At age 20 I was diagnosed with psoriasis and my current process was pretty much covering it, but she recommended I throw in some T-gel once a week so be sure.  I know most of you are probably thinking that daily hair washing is a normal thing. It may surprise you that many (if not all) hairdressers would tell you it is actually not good for your hair to wash it daily. It strips your hair of natural oils and can be…