How We Spent Our 2nd Anniversary

Tyler and I just celebrated 2 years of marriage! Being that we have a massive garden, we chose to spend anniversary numero dos similarly to how we spent our first anniversary... a stay-cation!!! So we...

 Harvested most of our garden! We dug up our carrots (that are somehow albino. They were orange last year and its seed gave us this. They taste great though!), radishes, green onions, a plethora of hot peppers, tomatoes (the green ones are in a brown bag ripening), bell peppers, eggplant, and cucumber. We still have a few pepper plants, potatoes, onions, beets, and various herbs that we did not dig up yet.

 We covered the garden beds with all of our compost after emptying 11 garden beds, planted bulbs and flower seeds for next spring, pulled weeds and grass out of beds and rock, and cut a bundle of each our herbs and hung them up to dry. 

 We cut back our very first garden bed in order to make room for the new greenhouse! This garden bed was a bit over grown with mint and sage and then had a giant rhubarb plant. We moved the rhubarb to a new bed and then left about 16 inches worth of space for the mint and sage. Tyler then built this greenhouse that we purchased from Harbor Freight. I cannot wait to get some starts growing in there!

 Then in the original greenhouse, Tyler cut a barrel to make these trays for me so I can grow greens this winter! 

I only had one packet of seeds and enough dirt for one tray so I will be heading to the nursery this week to finish sowing my greens!

We also went out for dinner on the actual day, did some fall cleaning, and watched quite a few scary movies, enjoying the Halloween season (I LOVE horror movies!). I think our anniversary falls at such a nice time for a stay-cation. We decided that every 5 years we will take a vacation, which I am sure we will observe in January, like we did our honeymoon, as that is the best time to get our of town. Either way, I enjoy celebrating and fondly remembering our wedding day. 

Here's to many more years of happiness! 


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