Rabbit Rabbit

Happy September 1st! Rabbit Rabbit is a superstition I learned about back in the day on Nickelodeon. There used to be these short cartoon commercials explaining the day it was, back before everyday was "National Whatever Day." I remember it saying to say "Rabbit rabbit" as the first words that come out of your mouth on the 1st of the month and then the rest of the month you would have good luck! I recently read about it from another blog and apparently is it a Canadian thing. How is that for some trivia?

I enjoy new beginnings. It is a time to forgive and forget the past and look forward. I tend to be one of those,"I will start "x" on Monday..." kind of people, which is silly because you really can "start" any time, any day. But for the sake of it being September 1, I have some goals to set!

5 weeks from today will be my 5 year anniversary for when I started Weight Watchers, which was really the catalyst for improving my health. Since many of you readers have been there since day 1, you know what a ride it has been. If not, you can read this post, or this one, or this one too! I maintained for over 2 years and then the last 2 years have been not as easy. So many reasons why BUT I want to get back to goal by my 5th anniversary. So that is goal #1

Also, 12 weeks from today is Thanksgiving (crazy, right?!?) and I signed up for the Turkey Trot. This was the my last PR for a 5K and I would really like to get my speed and endurance back. So I am back in training mode! Goal #2 is to run a 5K in 30 minutes or less.

That's All Folks (get it? Rabbit, rabbit... Bug's Bunny... oh man I am so clever!)! 

Do you have any silly superstitions? Any goals you are working on?


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