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Minimalism + Frugality + Zero Waste Part 3

Good afternoon! Today I am finishing this three part blog series on "Minimalism + Frugality + Zero Waste." If you missed Part 1 click here and if you missed Part 2 click here. Today we are going to discuss the topic of "Zero Waste." 

So what is Zero Waste? I was first introduced to this concept by Lauren Singer over at Trash is for Tossers.  I saw a youtube video where Lauren was interviewed about her Zero Waste lifestyle in which she fits all of her annual trash into a pint size mason jar! I was intrigued by this concept and began to become more aware of the trash I produce. Obviously it is not possible to be completely free of all waste and trash. The concept of Zero Waste is about reducing your overall carbon footprint, essentially doing your part to be aware of how much trash you produce and trying to decrease it. No one is perfect; this is not about perfection. It's about doing your part, rather than being oblivious or ignorant (like me!). 

Let me back up a …

Minimalism + Frugality + Zero Waste Part 2

This is part 2 of talking about the 3 separate topics of minimalism, frugality, and zero waste (duh, see title) and this post is all about frugality! If you did catch part 1, see this post here. 

So, frugality. This is something that I have been decent at on and off for most of my life. I recall as a kid I would get money through allowance or babysitting and it would often not be spent for quite a long time. I tended to be more of a saver than a spender. Same with Halloween candy. Somehow I was able to make that stuff last most of the year. Indeed, I was unique. 

As an adult I would say that I have not always been a saver. When I was a senior in high school I decided to spend most of my savings on a new car. Not too bad of an investment as my '73 VW Beetle was not always the most reliable. I bought a used '98 VW Jetta and it ended up lasting me until 2012, about 9 years. Not too bad. I then spent the rest of my savings on a new bedroom set: mattress, bedding, frame, dresser, and…

Minimalism + Frugality + Zero Waste Part I

Happy Labor Day to all my fellow Americans! I hope you are all enjoying your day off (I am sorry if you had to work!) and are taking a moment to be grateful for labor laws in this country. Yay!

So today I want to talk about a topic(s) that has been my most recent passion/hobby/interest for the last few months. Really the 3 topics are very different from one another yet somehow all manage to come together for me. And because they are all different, I will be writing about this in 3 parts.

 I feel like it is all a very natural progression for me. As I become more passionate about eating plant-based/vegan I continue to learn how beneficial it is for the planet too. And as I become more of an animal lover (I had no idea when I first changed my eating habits this would happen! Plus I have always been an animal lover, now I just choose not to eat them. Seems logical now, haha) I have become more or a lover of the planet that they and I live on and well, it seems I have turned into a tree hugg…

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy September 1st! Rabbit Rabbit is a superstition I learned about back in the day on Nickelodeon. There used to be these short cartoon commercials explaining the day it was, back before everyday was "National Whatever Day." I remember it saying to say "Rabbit rabbit" as the first words that come out of your mouth on the 1st of the month and then the rest of the month you would have good luck! I recently read about it from another blog and apparently is it a Canadian thing. How is that for some trivia?

I enjoy new beginnings. It is a time to forgive and forget the past and look forward. I tend to be one of those,"I will start "x" on Monday..." kind of people, which is silly because you really can "start" any time, any day. But for the sake of it being September 1, I have some goals to set!

5 weeks from today will be my 5 year anniversary for when I started Weight Watchers, which was really the catalyst for improving my health. Since ma…