What's the Haps on the Craps? (PLUS a Water Saving Tip!)

Hey hey hey! Happy August to all you fine folks! 

Around the Animal Kingdom, we have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, including its effects on our garden! 

 Boom! Our first spaghetti squash is growing! We have 2 others and a ton of flowers! We are going to be living on squash here in the next month and I can hardly wait!

 My mom retired so I made her a cake. We had a good time chatting, swimming, and playing. Congratulations again mom! 

 We just did our first batch of canning! So far this season we have made two separate batches of freezer jam (this is our third) including raspberry (from our garden) raspberry-blackberry (from our garden and from picking up near Riggins), and now Raspberry-Strawberry-Rhubarb! The raspberries were from our garden and a small bag from the freezer section of our local grocery store. The strawberries were from our garden (DUDE! Barrels are where it is at for strawberries! They are doing so well!) and from the grocery store. Albertson's had a sale on organic strawberries. And finally, the rhubarb is from our garden! It is super tasty!

We also have pickled radishes and garlic scapes. Last night we pickled dill cucumber chips and green beans (thanks Uncle Don & Aunt Trish for your donation!) and made sweet relish which were all canned. 

I also made 2 dozen zucchini muffins and am currently making zucchini fritters. I am so impressed with how we are keeping up with our garden this year! It feels SO satisfying. 
 My mama and I got a pedicure yesterday!

 Pardon the pixelated photo but OMG! So cute! Winston is loving his latest toy, Mr. Piggy! 

Dexter has found a new temporary bed! Tyler took out the seat from his truck when we went camping and it's been sitting in the garage. Dex loves it!

Finally, I have a water-saving tip for all of you! I had read about putting a bucket in your shower to catch any water that would have just gone down the drain. I thought I would try it out and see how it worked. I did not have a bucket but I had a small garbage can that I thought might work. In our shower we have this "seat" that is not generally used so I thought to put it there rather than on the floor, which would have reduced our leg room quite a bit. The trash can holds 2 gallons and wouldn't you know, it gets full every 2 days! I try to avoid washing my hair directly over it so the water doesn't get too soapy. Since it only catches the extra water that does not hit my body, I would not call it gray water per say. However, it catches most of the water that runs while I wait to jump in while it gets warm, as well as any water that goes around me while I shower. Then I take the extra water and water my indoor plants as well as some of my outdoor plants that look a bit dry during this heat. I love it because it saves on water as well as my water bill! Give it a try! 


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