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What's the Haps on the Craps? (PLUS a Water Saving Tip!)

Hey hey hey! Happy August to all you fine folks! 

Around the Animal Kingdom, we have been enjoying the sunshine and warm weather, including its effects on our garden! 

 Boom! Our first spaghetti squash is growing! We have 2 others and a ton of flowers! We are going to be living on squash here in the next month and I can hardly wait!
 My mom retired so I made her a cake. We had a good time chatting, swimming, and playing. Congratulations again mom! 
 We just did our first batch of canning! So far this season we have made two separate batches of freezer jam (this is our third) including raspberry (from our garden) raspberry-blackberry (from our garden and from picking up near Riggins), and now Raspberry-Strawberry-Rhubarb! The raspberries were from our garden and a small bag from the freezer section of our local grocery store. The strawberries were from our garden (DUDE! Barrels are where it is at for strawberries! They are doing so well!) and from the grocery store. Albertson's had a s…