Things are Growing!

Our mid-July garden update!
 These are the day lilies I planted this spring. They are not even half  the size of the ones near the house but they will grow! We added some blue and white glass that my in-laws crushed for recycling purposes and because it just looks so PRETTY!

Roma and Verlon Tomatoes, Italian and regular parsley, sweet corn, carrots, squash, onion, oregano, and basil can all by spotted in this photo
 The barrel is doing great for our strawberries! They are getting nice and big. Cilantro in the bucket next to it is doing well as are the purple potatoes to the left. 
 Purple potatoes are front and center with yellow and red onions, elephant garlic, and carrots behind
 Drying out the yellow onion on the squash trellis
Red onions are flowering and the bees dig it

Sheldon likes the elephant garlic. They smell delicious! 
 The view from the street. Immediately in front is "pepper row" with a view of the eggplant and bell pepper plants right middle box, and kale in the box behind it. To the left is one of the squash boxes with the trellis above. The spaghetti squash is just long enough to start climbing. Hopefully the rest follow suit soon!
The lavender we planted. In-between are large poppy plants that are done for the season. I may plant more lavender because I want this whole area to fill in so bees go berserk! 

And that's the update for now! I will post again next month :) 


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