Our First Camping Trip

Kinda crazy to think us Idahoans have never been camping just the two of us in the 6 years we have been together! I am so glad we rectified that this past weekend! Tyler and I have been fortunate enough to go to Flathead Lake every summer for the past 6 years and stay in a cabin. We also stayed in a cabin last summer for my 30th birthday at Crater Lake. The only camping we have done was a few years back with my family up at Bull Trout Lake where we tented it. We have borrowed my parents' trailer a few times going up to new Meadows but that was staying at someone's house. So yep, this was the real deal for us as a married couple and man, it was glorious!

I decided I wanted to go camping for my birthday because Tyler has his new Bronco and my parents didn't need the trailer this weekend since they were in South Dakota. Tyler was able to cut out early Friday afternoon and I had taken a long weekend so everything lined up perfectly! Tyler knew of a spot that wouldn't get too much traffic and could not wait to share it with me! It took us a bit to be sure we had everything we needed (like pots and pans for camping. Fortunately I got 2 frying pans, 1 large pot, 1 tea kettle, and a large knife for $15 at Savers) and we ended up getting out of Boise by 4 pm. We made it up a little past 6 and set up camp. We ended up getting the spot we wanted; at the end of the road by the creek. 10 minutes later and another group would have got it so we made it just in time! 

We made it! Now let's set up camp!

 Tyler getting our new stove all set up!

 Kitty and Winston exploring the creek.

Those are good lookin' dogs!

That night we made 3 bean chili, hot dogs, and fried potatoes. I also made these "banana boats" with banana, vegan marshmallows, and vegan chocolate chips that I put near the fire to melt. It was all delicious! The next morning we slept waaaaay in, which is sort of abnormal for me. I think the cool made it easier to sleep in. We slowly started moving around and made breakfast: more fried potatoes, banana oatmeal, eggs and hot dogs. Tyler made breakfast burritos with a flour tortilla, potatoes, eggs and hot dogs. 

 Mmmmmm breakfast
 These pups never slowed down! They loved exploring.

 The Bronco, the trailer, and our camp fire.

 Such a beautiful spot.

Then we did a bit of exploring around the area. The dogs LOVED the creek and all of the free space to roam. They both got absolutely filthy! But they had huge smiles on their faces the whole time. By the afternoon it got pretty warm so we spent some time just wading in the creek and throwing sticks to the dogs. Winston is still not much of a swimming dog. He spent plenty of time in the creek but had no desire to swim for the sticks we threw. Kitty still loves it and swims HARD! You would not guess she is 11.5 watching her jumping and swimming in the creek. She would grab the stick, come to shore, then Winston would steal it and bring it to us like he did all the hard work! It was pretty adorable. 

See! Filthy! Haha

 Kitty may be the swimmer, Winston may be the herder, but they both can CLIMB!

 The view from the top.

 Tyler also spent some time being super romantic and claiming the spot as "ours". He makes me fall in love with him more and more each day.

Our little otter! 

 Cooling off, avoiding the horse flies!

The sun was hot and the water was cool... sweet, sweet summertime. 

Heading home. The pups liked the drive in the open Bronco. Winston was all tuckered out from the weekend. 

I caught a sly smile from Kitty as she looked over the edge of the truck while on the dirt road. 

We then stayed one more night, ate leftovers, and managed to sleep in, eat breakfast, pack up, and make it back to Boise by about 1 pm. It was quick and just the perfect weekend. I think we may have a new birthday tradition! 


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