Homemade Cards

My latest hobby of sorts is to create my own greeting cards. I started this last year for Tyler's birthday because I think spending $4-8 on a greeting cards if just excessive. I figure, I can draw (by no means do I think I am really all that good but I have fun doing it) and I can be funny and hey, who ever turned down a homemade card? Here are a few of them that I am pretty darn proud of!

A thank you card from my animals to my brother and mom for house sitting
 Part of a birthday card I made for Tyler. The rest of it said "Behind every hot girl is a man with a magnificent mustache"
 A birthday card to a friend of mine
 A father's day card
A birthday card for my brother

I have made many others. I have made children's birthday cards, other birthday cards for my family members, mother's day cards, and sympathy cards. It's fun and like I said, well worth the time and effort seeing the joy it brings to my loved ones faces, as opposed to some card I bought at the store. I hope you like them too! 


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