Flathead Lake Montana 2016

Every 4th of July, Tyler and I head up to Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana to get away and enjoy some time with family. This year was no different, except, we got to spend a whole week up there! It was so nice to see my in-laws, get to relax by and on the lake, go for a walk in the woods with my dog, and play games of all sorts. 

On our drive up, Tyler and I took several breaks to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, re-hydrate, and allow Winston to do the same. On one of our stops just outside Riggins, we found some perfectly ripened blackberries! We were able to pick quite a few that I enjoyed throughout the week in oatmeal and then on the way back we did the same. This time we got quite a few more and then mixed it with our red raspberries at home and made freezer jam! It's delicious by the way... 

Winston and I found a lizard friend while Tyler picked blackberries on our way home

Once we got there we got to meet the newest member of the family, Miss Daisy Hockett Evans! She and Winston became fast friends! They were our entertainment most of the week. 

 They went for a few walks together

They took naps together

Next we went out in the boat nearly every day. Tyler went fishing multiple times and caught himself 3 fish! 
 It's twins! 26 inches, 5 lbs each
A biggin' 38 inches, 17 lbs

Winston quickly found he is a boat dog and loved going for boat rides. We discovered he is not quite the water dog yet, though. Tyler tried to entice him in with a stick, I tried going in and calling him to me, Tyler tossed him in with his life vest on and he immediately went for shore, AND he fell in backing off the dock while barking at the boat (hilarious) and then quickly swam for shore. I am hoping to take him to the river with Kitty once it slows down some and see if she can teach him the ropes. 

 A natural
He quickly decided he needed to be able to see out over the water. He began joining me in the back seat so he could feel the breeze and see the sights.
We had to put "doggles" on him quite a bit as he is so fair that his eyes would quickly turn pink. He got used to them after wearing them once or twice

The whole week was filled with fun, good food, lots of laughs, and tons of love! Can't wait to go back next year! 
 Hope you enjoyed your fourth of July!
 Love from the Forshes & Evanses

P.S. Miss Kitty was at home being taken care of by my awesome brother and mom! She got to stay home with the cats and chickens and take it easy. 


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