Another Trip Around the Sun!

Hello on the sunny, hot day on the best day of the year- my birthday (I may be a bit biased)! I was just re-reading my previous birthday posts as I reflect on my latest trip around the sun. I have always loved my birthday. My mom has always made me feel incredibly special on this day and all my loved ones have always shown how much they care about me. I am very fortunate. 

This past birth year has brought a lot of really momentous and wonderful occasions my way. I re-committed to eating whole food, plant based (vegan) so this month is one year since I last knowingly ate animal products (I had been eating fish and egg whites on occasion prior to that. Then I just found out Los Betos puts lard in their refried beans. Whoops! And Gross!). We got our puppy, Winston, which has been so much fun (and work)! I went to Disney World for a work conference. We celebrated our first anniversary as an old married couple. Tyler bought his Bronco. We added 21 garden boxes to our front yard, completely covering all of our front yard in garden boxes and rock. Tyler and I went to Montana to visit his family for Mother's day. I traveled to California for my grandpa's 80th birthday. Finally we went to Montana again, this time to Flathead Lake to spend time with family for the 4th of July.

One of the things that I think has helped me to enjoy my birthday as an adult is how much I ensure a good day for myself. First, I have a rule that I do not work on my birthday. Being that I was born in the middle of summer, I never had to go to school on my birthday or do anything I didn't want to do. Hence, why I think summer birthdays rock! Second, I take advantage of doing all the things I enjoy. My massage therapist offers 1/2 off a massage on your birthday, which I have taken advantage of now for the last few years. Starting off the day with a 90 minute massage? Sign me up! Then from there it varies but the last 2 years I have done Birthday Yoga (check it out!) and made sure to go for a nice walk with my dog, now dogs. 

This year I also decided to buy myself a birthday present: a new shrub! Oh man, I am totally 31, married, and own a home, haha! Then when Tyler gets off work we are going to get some dinner (my vote is Mongolian BBQ or Zen Bento) and then go to a dollar movie (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Does that even out the buying of the shrub?) I hope you all have a happy day!!!

 Say it with me "Awwww....." Yup, at 13 months I was pretty adorable!
 Posted on my Facebook wall from a dear friend. love it!
 One of my most recent photos. I am wearing Winston's doggles because, well, everyone else was doing it.... ;)

Another picture posted to my wall from a lovely friend. I think the secret is out: I like yoga! 


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