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Our First Camping Trip

Kinda crazy to think us Idahoans have never been camping just the two of us in the 6 years we have been together! I am so glad we rectified that this past weekend! Tyler and I have been fortunate enough to go to Flathead Lake every summer for the past 6 years and stay in a cabin. We also stayed in a cabin last summer for my 30th birthday at Crater Lake. The only camping we have done was a few years back with my family up at Bull Trout Lake where we tented it. We have borrowed my parents' trailer a few times going up to new Meadows but that was staying at someone's house. So yep, this was the real deal for us as a married couple and man, it was glorious!

I decided I wanted to go camping for my birthday because Tyler has his new Bronco and my parents didn't need the trailer this weekend since they were in South Dakota. Tyler was able to cut out early Friday afternoon and I had taken a long weekend so everything lined up perfectly! Tyler knew of a spot that wouldn't get to…

Another Trip Around the Sun!

Hello on the sunny, hot day on the best day of the year- my birthday (I may be a bit biased)! I was just re-reading my previous birthday posts as I reflect on my latest trip around the sun. I have always loved my birthday. My mom has always made me feel incredibly special on this day and all my loved ones have always shown how much they care about me. I am very fortunate. 

This past birth year has brought a lot of really momentous and wonderful occasions my way. I re-committed to eating whole food, plant based (vegan) so this month is one year since I last knowingly ate animal products (I had been eating fish and egg whites on occasion prior to that. Then I just found out Los Betos puts lard in their refried beans. Whoops! And Gross!). We got our puppy, Winston, which has been so much fun (and work)! I went to Disney World for a work conference. We celebrated our first anniversary as an old married couple. Tyler bought his Bronco. We added 21 garden boxes to our front yard, completely …

Homemade Cards

My latest hobby of sorts is to create my own greeting cards. I started this last year for Tyler's birthday because I think spending $4-8 on a greeting cards if just excessive. I figure, I can draw (by no means do I think I am really all that good but I have fun doing it) and I can be funny and hey, who ever turned down a homemade card? Here are a few of them that I am pretty darn proud of!
A thank you card from my animals to my brother and mom for house sitting  Part of a birthday card I made for Tyler. The rest of it said "Behind every hot girl is a man with a magnificent mustache"  A birthday card to a friend of mine  A father's day card A birthday card for my brother
I have made many others. I have made children's birthday cards, other birthday cards for my family members, mother's day cards, and sympathy cards. It's fun and like I said, well worth the time and effort seeing the joy it brings to my loved ones faces, as opposed to some card I bought at the st…

Things are Growing!

Our mid-July garden update!
 These are the day lilies I planted this spring. They are not even half  the size of the ones near the house but they will grow! We added some blue and white glass that my in-laws crushed for recycling purposes and because it just looks so PRETTY!
Roma and Verlon Tomatoes, Italian and regular parsley, sweet corn, carrots, squash, onion, oregano, and basil can all by spotted in this photo  The barrel is doing great for our strawberries! They are getting nice and big. Cilantro in the bucket next to it is doing well as are the purple potatoes to the left.   Purple potatoes are front and center with yellow and red onions, elephant garlic, and carrots behind  Drying out the yellow onion on the squash trellis Red onions are flowering and the bees dig it
Sheldon likes the elephant garlic. They smell delicious!   The view from the street. Immediately in front is "pepper row" with a view of the eggplant and bell pepper plants right middle box, and kale in the box …

Flathead Lake Montana 2016

Every 4th of July, Tyler and I head up to Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana to get away and enjoy some time with family. This year was no different, except, we got to spend a whole week up there! It was so nice to see my in-laws, get to relax by and on the lake, go for a walk in the woods with my dog, and play games of all sorts. 

On our drive up, Tyler and I took several breaks to stretch our legs, use the bathroom, re-hydrate, and allow Winston to do the same. On one of our stops just outside Riggins, we found some perfectly ripened blackberries! We were able to pick quite a few that I enjoyed throughout the week in oatmeal and then on the way back we did the same. This time we got quite a few more and then mixed it with our red raspberries at home and made freezer jam! It's delicious by the way... 

Winston and I found a lizard friend while Tyler picked blackberries on our way home
Once we got there we got to meet the newest member of the family, Miss Daisy Hockett Evans! She and …