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Gardening Lessons

Greetings from the beautiful Animal Kingdom! Currently I am sitting in an Adirondack chair, sunning my white legs, whiling sipping a Piña Colada...  It is quite the lovely afternoon! I hope you are all enjoying your day as well. 

I wanted to take minute to give an update on the garden(s). Things are growing like crazy over here! I feel like every weekend and most work days I spend at least 30 minutes to an hour playing around in the dirt and I have realized it is one of my happiest parts of the day. It is SO satisfying to watch the plants you have planted grow! 
Now people ask Tyler and me all the time about how we have come to be the gardeners we are today. I used to give most of the credit to Tyler but nowadays I find that I take a bit more. Both of us grew up with parents who spent a great deal of time in the yard tending to the landscape so we did get a great start there. In fact, I remember discussing with my realtor what was important to me about finding a house and I told her tha…