Weekly Wrap Up

Hello on a VERY rainy Sunday! I hope you all had a great week! 

This week I want to talk about something I have learned through various communication and professional development classes I have attended as well as taught. It's this little nugget of pure gold: You can only control YOURSELF. As humans we have this great thing called, free will, and with that, each individual ultimately can make a choice to do whatever the hell they want. Yep, they can even break the law and then suffer the consequences.

This piece of truth has been incredibly liberating to me while of course still being downright disappointing. I am sure you have all had experience with this in one way or another. Ever realized the boy or girl you like didn't like you back, no matter how charming, thoughtful, sexy you were? Anyone a parent out there? Tried controlling your child? Maybe tried controlling a sibling or a spouse? Is that working for any of you? I am going to guess not. 

It's important to know this, because otherwise you will go through life feeling very frustrated. Even though I know this, at times I forget and start to get frustrated and then have the remember to let go. The only person you can control is yourself

So, what does this mean? It means you can still do a lot of really great work by influencing people. You can live by example. You can be a role model. You can be there for this person when they are ready for help, guidance, or resources.  That person has to be ready to hear you. Ready to take action. Otherwise everything you say or do is likely to be rejected.

Another piece that ties in here is emotions. Only you have the power to feel a certain way. No one can make you feel anything. This was eye-opening for me because I have found myself saying "So and so made me sad" or "so and so pissed me off". This is an example of me being a victim. Sure some one can do something that makes me feel something but they themselves did not control my emotions, I let their actions or their words create an emotion in me. 

These concepts are freeing because it helps me recognize that I have choice. I have power. I have the ability to go from feeling frustrated to peace. I can let go. Does it still make me sad when I see someone making a choice that hurts them when I have the knowledge or ability to do something about? Yes, every.single.day. But I refuse to go through life trying to hold every person's hand. I take accountability for my life so I think others should do the same. Regardless of their situation or circumstances, they have to take accountability. We are all given a certain hand in life, but what we do have control over is the choices we make every day. 

I was given some shitty health problems. I still do by best to take care of myself. I could choose to say, "Well, my genes or a virus created this and I am just doomed forever so I should just eat whatever I want because there are drugs I can take" but for me, that's giving up and asking someone else to solve my problems. Sure I could take drugs but it should be in addition to me doing the best I can to take care of myself without. I have heard people say "I could never give up (insert food or drink item here)" or "I don't have time to to exercise" or whatever it is, and my answer to that is, you are making the CHOICE not to do those things. You have the ability to do it, just like I do. I am choosing to prioritize this in my life because it is important. You can choose to do that to if you truly wanted it.

Alright enough, jabbering on... I hope this insight was helpful for you. I know it helped me tremendously.

Monday: Yoga in bed, walk dogs, Rest day
Tuesday: YWA, walk dogs, run 30min on greenblet
Wednesday: YWA, walk dogs, swam 20 laps
Thursday: YWA, ran speedwork/HIIT
Friday: short yoga sequence before bed, walk dog, Rest day
Saturday: YWA, 45 rpm spinning with mom


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