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Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Hello! Happy Spring everybody! I sure hope you have been enjoying some warmer and sunnier weather! I know I have. Tyler and I have been busy over here in our animal kingdom getting ourselves ready for the BIGGEST GARDEN EVER! No, but seriously, we have been growing seeds a-plenty and got all of our garden boxes put together. It is going to be EPIC! I cannot wait.

I have also been spring cleaning, which has been very therapeutic for me. As my mom reminds me, I have an A-Type personality and boy, cleaning makes me feel so accomplished and at peace with the world. I love our home and any work I put towards it makes me feel a whole ton of pride.

So, back to today's topic: a secret! Not just any secret, but a workout secret. A couple of years ago I had a realization when talking to a Weight Watchers colleague. See, she was training for her first 5K and had really never done much running. She was struggling with it quite a bit. She told me, "I feel like dying every time I run. My lun…

Weekly Wrap Up

Hello on a VERY rainy Sunday! I hope you all had a great week! 

This week I want to talk about something I have learned through various communication and professional development classes I have attended as well as taught. It's this little nugget of pure gold: You can only control YOURSELF. As humans we have this great thing called, free will, and with that, each individual ultimately can make a choice to do whatever the hell they want. Yep, they can even break the law and then suffer the consequences.

This piece of truth has been incredibly liberating to me while of course still being downright disappointing. I am sure you have all had experience with this in one way or another. Ever realized the boy or girl you like didn't like you back, no matter how charming, thoughtful, sexy you were? Anyone a parent out there? Tried controlling your child? Maybe tried controlling a sibling or a spouse? Is that working for any of you? I am going to guess not. 

It's important to know this,…