Weekly Wrap Up

Oy! This has been a rough week for me. My body was just all out of whack both internally and externally and I have done my best to just TAKE CARE. 

I find taking care of myself to be such a learning process. What does it really mean? I don't think there is one way or one definition. It seems to change all the time.

Sometimes it's taking a nap, a bath, going for a walk, watching Charlie's Angels movies (true story), eating popcorn and peanut butter with chocolate chips while watching Friends (another true story), or crying while doing yoga. All of these things I have done this week! Some are more helpful than others, but some were just necessary at the time.

As of right now, in this minute, I feel okay. Better than I was an hour ago. I have no idea how I will feel one hour from now. I just have to take it miute.by.minute.

I hope you all take care of yourselves too. 

Here are my workouts this past week:

Monday: Rest day, yoga on the couch, walk the dogs
Tuesday: Swam 1/2 mi, YWA, walk the dogs
Wednesday: First Trail run of the year! 30 min, YWA, walk the dogs
Thursday: Rest day, YWA
Friday: Rest day, YWA, walk the dogs
Saturday: 45 min rpm spinning with mom, YWA, walk dogs
Sunday: 30 min run with Danyel, YWA (until it froze and then I free-styled), walk the dogs

P.S. I am all signed up for the Idaho Potato Run in May! I am doing a 10K! 12 weeks to train!

P.P.S My plan for the bike I wanted to use during my sprint tri fell apart. Anyone have a bike I could borrow?


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