Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Presidents' Day to my fellow USA peeps and Happy Family Day to Canadians! I hope you are all enjoying your long weekend, I know I have been! Although the hospital where I work does not recognize today as a holiday, I decided I was in need of a 4 day weekend, so I made it happen :) It has allowed me to get some stuff done around the house, throw a doggy birthday party, go to a Beer Prom, and spend Valentine's Day with my hubby. All in all, a fantastic weekend!

Since yesterday was the day of love, I am going to spend a minute gushing over my husband. You have been warned! Frequently I stop to reflect on my relationship with Tyler. I think it's important to do so, to identify our strengths, our areas of weakness, as well as my own contributions to the relationship that I could improve upon. One of the things I truly love is his ability to make me feel loved. He is very, very thoughtful. For Valentine's day, I did not want a gift. I wanted to spend the day with my guy and do things that are fun to do together but that truly benefit me (not so much him as much). He made me kombucha, face cream, and lip balm; all of which I needed and he does not generally use. We also went to Deadpool, which was just AWESOME! That is, if you like X-MEN, swearing, Ryan Reynolds, and are not easily squeamish. All in all, it was a great day.

While we are mentioning love and Valentine's Day, my parents got us a new knocker for our front door! When I first moved in, my uncle got me one that says 'Stacy". Now that Tyler and I are married, a change was in order. My mom was all over it and got us a knocker that says "EVANS" and "est. 2014." Thanks mom and dad! I love it. Now for Tyler to hang it up... :) 

Weekly Workout Recap:
Sunday: Ran 30 min with Danyel, YWA, walk dogs
Monday: YWA
Tuesday: Run 30 min on treadmill, YWA
Wednesday: YWA
Thursday: Swam 700m, YWA, walked dogs
Friday: 45 min RPM, YWA, walked dogs
Saturday: 30 min run with Danyel, YWA, walked dogs
Sunday: 800m swim, YWA


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